Things To Consider Before Moving Renting A Condominium Unit:

Below are some things that you may want to consider if ever you decided to move out from the family house and finally be independent. Or simply transition from living in a rented house or apartment to a condo unit.  

Location and accessibility- if you decide to rent a condo unit ideally it should be near your workplace. It does not make sense paying rent and wasting time commuting and paying extra for your fare. The idea of getting a condo is mainly for your convenience. Also consider access to public transport, trains or cabs. You should also take consideration your access to the nearest hospitals, police station and malls and food chains.  

Rental fee and utilities- Before scouting for a place to stay set a budget from your salary allocated for rent. Be realistic about what you can afford to shell out monthly look into some Bangkok property rental for some rental properties that will meet your needs. Aside from paying for rent you also need to pay for utilities such as water and electricity. If you have a car some condos charge for a monthly rate for their parking slots.  

Security Cash Deposits and Contract of Lease- Prepare for an advance payment that will serve as the landlords’ security bond before moving in. Most landlords would ask for 2 months advance and 1-month deposit (cash or dated check). Check out Bangkok condo finder for properties that offer flexible security deposits.  The security deposit can either be consumable or refunded depending on the agreement. Check the contract of lease and ask all essential questions. Everything that has been discussed has to be included in the contract of lease. The following are some topics that you can raise with the landlord: 

1.duration of the contract (long term or short term) 

2.accountability of repairs ( landlords often take care of wear and tear and tenants take care of real-time repairs)  

3.are pets allowed in the property? rules- do’s and don’ts   

5.association fees -who shoulders this, typically the landlord does but it’s better to clarify than be take by surprise.  

6. Property management and maintenance- this would include garbage collection, electrical and plumbing repairs. 

Mode of payment- Majority of the landlords prefer to use post-dated checks as a mode of payment for monthly rentals. Make sure to have your own checking account and funds should be ready on or before the due date.  

Security and safety of the tenants–  Condo units are expected to have high security and working CCTV’s round the clock. The security team should be escorting visitors and delivery crews to the units and leaving an identification by the concierge should be practised at all times. Some even call the tenants to verify the presence of their visitors.